This past week I decided to experiment a little with my guided reading groups. As I stated last week, I'm not very sure exactly how much writing should be accompanied with the guided reading of each group. I strongly believe that writing is an integral part of the literacy process. So, my students did a LOT of writing this week.

What really surprised me about the writing was that the students kept asking me when they were going to read a new book. I have never had a group of kids WANT to read and that really excited me. As exciting as this was, I was also really concerned about my students' attitudes toward writing. After all, I was guiding them in the writing process...they weren't having to write on their own.

Another disappointment this week was the cancellation of guided reading training that I was to participate in this afternoon. Unfortunately, our area recieved a lot of snow yesterday which created icy roads this morning and so, school was cancelled. I know that the training will be rescheduled but now that I'm really starting to get into guided reading, I'm really sad that it was cancelled today.
Dr Maushak

It is too bad about the snow day. I was surprised to see the postponement of TTU classes for the day!! We had very little over here.
Wow!! Kids asking what the next book is and ready to read!!! SOmething is going right there. Is that your enthusiasm or the new methods you are trying?
WIll watch for your video in the future weeks.


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