Just when you think you can get back to your normal routine...
...you realize that you have to do DRA testing the next day. Grrrr...

While I'm upset about this turn of events, I realize that it's been on my calendar for a while and it's the test that I'm most anxious to see the results for. This is the guided reading test that shows how much my students have truly progressed in their reading skills, and the test that I feel is most reflective of what I've been teaching them in reading class. As a Texas teacher, I know that I should be most focused on the STAAR test. We did our fair share of preparation for that...a LOT of preparation. But I don't feel that it will be an accurate reflection of how far my students have really progressed this year. The DRA test will be since it is geared toward finding a child's guided reading level.

Today one of our interventionists pulled a few of students to begin testing them. Of the students that she pulled, not one had progressed fewer than FIVE levels. In fact, the student that I was most worried about at mid year (she had not progressed at all from the beginning of the year to mid year) jumped SEVEN levels. I was absolutely blown away! Now I can't wait to see how the rest of my kiddos do. Results to come later this week...

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